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Step by Step T Shirt Business | How to build a cheap t shirt screen printing press

Step by Step T Shirt Business | How to build a cheap t shirt screen printing press.
I grabbed a $199 4 color – single station press from amazon, and made a super cheap single color press. See which one I think is better for home based printing.

T-shirt printing press review.

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  1. Christian Talbot November 15, 2019

    I use that blue press to do multicolour prints. It's doable. I've put thick tank tape around the piece of metal which is held by the rollers on each colour. It works really well. There's no more movement. It's great value, especially when compared to anything with micro registration adjusters on it.

  2. Michael Harvey November 15, 2019

    Great Video Cam! I Actually built a 4 Color PP out of wood, door hinges, and a lazy Susan for just a little over $100. Its actually pretty cool how little you can invest at the beginning and build a pro business.

  3. Scott King Designs November 15, 2019

    The King has returned!!! I started out on an old 4/1 Silver press, good stuff as always Cam! Hope all is well 🤙

  4. Turd Punk Productions November 15, 2019

    Those cheap 4 colors presses can pull off a 4 color print if you know what you are doing. The real question is can it hold up on a production run or live event. Would love to see a time lapse of that.

  5. Łukasz Ditengou November 15, 2019

    Can you pull off a multi colored print with the first press by swapping out the screens?

  6. Ace Hardy November 15, 2019


  7. MFC Graphic Works November 15, 2019


  8. Anders Sam Fernandez November 15, 2019

    "cheap press, heat gun, it'll get the job done" that's a really good t-shirt right there

  9. Jason Enz November 15, 2019

    Your platen is MDF 🙂
    Trust me, I'm a woodworker

  10. Aizat Zainuddin November 15, 2019

    Long time no see

  11. Brian November 15, 2019

    The blue one is great for making transfers and one color prints…. anything above that is a stretch

  12. BAG WEAR November 15, 2019

    Someone gave me that blue press it was brand new and i gave to someone i knew wanted to get into print. We put it together and it was a piece of crap LOL they would’ve done better to build a wooden press

  13. BAG WEAR November 15, 2019


  14. BAG WEAR November 15, 2019

    Yea it was missing pieces the gate was jacked up so the screen arm wouldn’t seat properly yea stay away from that thing LOL

  15. superteeprints November 15, 2019

    the print life is back good video cam

  16. Avancer Art Group November 15, 2019

    I actually started out from ground zero with that Vevor 4 color system. You are 100% correct with having to tinker and retinker the alignment of all the working parts but once I spent time doing that, its serving me well. I started printing shirts for my tattoo shop and I am able to make some really good money so far!!!!! Thanx for your videos!

  17. John Mav November 15, 2019

    Than you man! You are the best!

  18. Inkings Ink November 15, 2019

    Good to see a new upload. Awesome work and great info. The award for most shirts worn in 14 minutes or less is all yours my friend. lol

  19. Tristan Danner November 15, 2019

    He’s back let’s go! Come on Cam, post vids like the old days

  20. R November 16, 2019

    I use the blood from my victims, instead of ink. Yeah it doesn't cure well, but you can't beat the authenticity.

  21. Kent Tatsdizz November 16, 2019

    Please make A video on how to Wash the burned screen without a pressure Washer…Thanks A lot, it would Be a great Help if this would be possible 😄😄😄😄😄

  22. nick newman November 16, 2019

    This video is going to give me the motivation I need to get back into it. Thank you for taking your time to do this.

  23. Simon Brazil November 16, 2019

    If the platen's are to big on the blue carousel what size do you recommend for T-shirt printing?


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