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The Print Life with Cam Earven YouTube Personalities

4 Simple Steps to Start your T Shirt Printing Business | Start a Screen Printing Business | Part 1

4 simple steps to start your t shirt printing business. Start a Screen Printing Business the right way.

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Pressure washer.

Cheap Scoop Coater works like a charm.

Titan 3 Small Portable 15″ servo cutter.

5 gallon Ink Pump

50W LED Flood Light for exposing screens

My New Vlogging Camera: Canon M50, Super good auto focus

My Main Vlogging Camera Lumix G7

The Plastic Envelops I use to organize my Films

Profit First Book to help get your business profitable

Stainless Steel Ink Spatula

Silicone Spatula for water-based inks, Super easy clean up.

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old vhs footage provided by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bqNxEx8Q4Pp-NhDz41eRg

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  1. Ofni Gonzalez August 20, 2019

    Gracias men

  2. Leandro Leite August 20, 2019

    Question 1: since I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere I really need good shipping prices. Sometimes the shipping costs more than the order!

    Q2: I'm just wild guessing my way through the process, but hopefully I'll get everything standardized soon

    Great video, Cam

  3. CDP Shirt Printing August 20, 2019

    Most important: fair prices.
    Got this local supplier in Belgium. Tried to sell me a mixingsystem . One google search later I found the same kit in the UK for more then 40% less -_-

  4. Ron Sievert August 20, 2019

    I actually watch the whole thing, very well presented, packed with some of the best info needed to get started in business, 5 stars.

  5. CDP Shirt Printing August 20, 2019

    The pricing question: I started out mapping out the competition, and threw myself right in the middle of it. Now I am trying to loose the standard quantity volume based pricing sheet. I’m at the moment on a steep learning curve of implementing value based costing. It’s difficult to do upfront when making quotes. But with a short list of questions you can check or uncheck a lot of boxes witch mean a surplus or a reduction in my base prices. I think it’s the best way to differentiate yourself and stop the undercutting aka ‘fastest way to go out of business’ trend.

  6. smetan korzevic August 20, 2019

    Cool… But in other countryes (like russia) it turns to a spike in your ass. Too much corrupted officials from different structures wanting money from you. You cant starting your business from a "zero point" – all what you need is a moneybag. But if you can be able to pay or sold out something to starting your business, credits offered by banks in russia, with thiese abnormal percents – its a robbery by the daylight.

  7. ItIsATimeForHeroes August 20, 2019

    Any chance you can team up with someone from the print life FB group and do an equivalent video for those of us in Canada?

  8. Brian Rollins August 20, 2019

    #1 Youtube Printer 💪

  9. Andrew Farias August 21, 2019

    My pricing sheet is pretty simple, 1. I charge a small insurance cost 2. I charge hours at 20 dollars an hour 3. I charge what profit I want to make on the job. 4. I charge a small supply cost. 5. I charge how much the shirts cost. Insurance goes into a account and is used if problems arise, Supply cost goes into an account whenever I need to restock my supplies. If customers want colors I don’t have I usually add a charge onto the supply cost.

  10. hazim harun August 21, 2019

    Can i ask something, why my tshirt always moving after I lift my block from the Tshirt? the block is attached to the tshirt.

  11. Justin Wallace August 21, 2019

    Yeah dude, another great vid. I've referenced your channel since we started. All solid advice. We have been in business about 5 months and just got our legs under us, and turning profit. We did basically the same thing, but I'd like to add one more. Hire a CPA. We are on our second. We first went to the flashy name in town on all the billboards. Don't do that. Go to that fresh young CPA who is looking to build their client list and wants to grow with you. They are cheaper, work harder, and take a real interest in what you are doing. Pricing and separating yourself…We calculated our screen fees, material cost, labor, and what we need to make profit. We don't up charge for our wholesale tees, but add an additional cost to get extra tees for an error rate. Gives customers better deals than going out to buy tees on their own and dropping them off. We separate ourselves by customer service. My wife works the shop during the day while I work my day job. I meet clients during lunch or after hours to sit down and go over designs. I let the client be a part of the design process all the way through from sketch to final product. And if clients meet me at the shop after hours…we always keep beer in the fridge…good and bad…clients love it, but they tend to drink all my beer and want to hang out 🙂 We also go out and get business. My company is completely Veteran owned and we align ourselves with Veteran non-profits and other military organizations that need merch. Fortunately we all support one another and lean on each other when we need to. Also, diversify. We partnered with other manufacturers to offer products we can't produce such as pint glasses, key chains, shot glasses, tumblers and a host of other things. Negotiate deals and you can still make a descent profit with only having to produce the artwork.
    Glad I had your videos when we first started, you taught me a lot bro. Keep up the great work and keep educating us on the best way to get things done.

    As for as suppliers go… it is speed and completing the correct order. If I order 230 screens don't send me 110s…I'm talking to you Rayonet 🙂

  12. En Sabac August 21, 2019

    I'm not running a shop yet but i love your energy and learning a great deal from the vids. Thanks man.

  13. Geo Zero August 21, 2019

    Hi Cam! Me and my brother we're about to start our own business after 20+ yrs working for industry and even if we are in another continent we'd like to thank you for all the advises you share with us! As far it concerns your question about the suppliers and how to choose from I think that everything turns around price. The clients asks for lower prices you search for the same but at the end those who stand with the quality will survive. So I'll prefer a little expensive company which their colour do the job (for example a white colour printed on a black t-shirt with a single print which after drying is white is better and perhaps cheaper than a low cost white ink where you print flash print ) and have the knowledge and guide you through a problem than a company who might have cheaper inks and asks you to try different things until you make it.

  14. Terry Walber August 21, 2019

    Just ordered Price for Profit. Thanks Cam.

  15. Jaren Larsen August 21, 2019

    What pressure washer do you use. I noticed in some of your videos it is a smaller unit that sits on the shelf. Looking for something like that and want to see what you recommend. Thanks.

  16. mxnmach August 22, 2019

    Damn, I wish you posted this 3 months ago…I just moved to AZ and started by screen print biz and you reminded me of some things I should done then. But either way, thanks for the vid, advice and sharing. Love the vids too Cam! Subbed 3 months ago

  17. Nichole Hoag August 22, 2019

    PRICING!! The secret death of businesses that lurk from day one. There are so many things to consider with pricing, and there are essentially 2 methods to determine pricing. One is cogs up where you factor all of your expenses, determine your desired profit, create your formula, and price from there. The other is Price down, which is where many people start by undercutting the competitors and making it work by cutting their costs anywhere they can to keep the sales coming. Both strategies can work, or you can even utilize them together BUT it is essential that you calculate it correctly, such as by factoring in all of your expenses, but then work to eliminate all unnecessary expenses and improving efficiency so your costs are lower thus increasing the profitability. The biggest killer on expenses is labor, and the one that most new businesses think they can cut by working for free. Always factor labor into your pricing, because when you scale and need to hire someone to help you, you will end up paying them out of pocket just to be able to keep your doors open. Best piece of advice: It's easier to lower prices than it is to raise them, start high and give yourself room to grow. THANKS FOR THE VIDEO!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, YOU'RE DOING AWESOME!

  18. Tomàs Kengen August 22, 2019

    Hi im from the Netherlands… does this Print for Profit E book also helpful for dutch printshops? Or is it specifically aimed at American businesses?

  19. Andrew Buchanan August 23, 2019

    Bro. 2681 unread messages just made me panic sweat. Great video tho.


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