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The Print Life with Cam Earven YouTube Personalities

3 color Screen Print | screen printing multi color registration

Worlds best screen print method | 3 color Water based and plastisol ink

Photoshop spot color sep video https://youtu.be/Cn6VK8FFDXE

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  1. The Print Life August 2, 2019

    Printing with water based ink, A real pain but I haven't given up yet. Still gotta work out some of the kinks,

  2. Ronnie Free. August 2, 2019

    I heard that … and I've since also started doing it, but your spit will clear that scum right out. True story. try it.

  3. T Martin August 2, 2019

    Two questions.
    Are you still using the 50 watt led in your exposure unit?
    What are your curing parameters for HSA under plastisol?

  4. Turkey Dinnuh Tiiiiiiiime

  5. spRas August 2, 2019

    1st Question: Possible problem: Emulsion on the screen isnt fully exposed. The water dripping down while its drying is pulling emulsion into the openings and exposing once it dries. Best thing to combat this is an air compressor. Just air down the excess water.

  6. spRas August 2, 2019

    For water-based, keep a damp rag and periodically wipe the screen after printing (without flooding) to reopen the stencil before the dry ink builds up. Make sure you dry it well before you print again.

  7. Ray Beer August 2, 2019

    Hi Cam, I've just been doing exactly the same thing here this week on a four colour job for myself. I've been an everything (promotional printer meaning anything you care to mention..radios , golf balls, tote bags etc) for a lot of years but have now just left my poorly paid job and am trying out tee shirts. I was really unhappy with the look of my plastisol white as an underbase (really rough) so tried waterbased (Magnacolour killer base and aquaflex v2).
    Had the same issues, its been so hot here and my garage is small with a forced air flash pumping out.
    First underbase screen ..too thick so ink collected round the edges with the heat and too high a mesh while trying to sort out registration.
    Second..buggered it up trying to clean it with solvent.
    Third thinned the ink right down with runny base (got to get myself some actual thinner as well as the gel retarder) and even though it looked crap with the first print, after a flash it looked great.
    I love the look of waterbased white with a topcoat of plastisol through a 90 or 230 where you are.
    My next test is trying to print a Photographic sep from sep studio. I dont hold out much hope for the fine dots. ….But you gotta try aint ya.

  8. Ray Beer August 2, 2019

    The residue in the mesh is from an underexposed screen, it will always find itself into the open mesh. Either, raise the exposure time or coat the mesh thinner or/and after the screen is dry (i always dry screens with a hairdrier anyway) ..give it another quick sponge down both sides and dry again before setting up. Just dont dry it in the sun..that can lead to trouble even with residue (i call it snail trails cos thats what it looks like when you catch it in the light).

  9. Abdiel Roman August 2, 2019

    use a vacuum instead of a compressor

  10. Elevation Print & Sign August 2, 2019

    Cam, have you considered using a fogger system for your waterbase ?

  11. ardhy samjaya August 2, 2019

    thank you Cam for this video,.. i also have trouble using waterbase ink to get a smooth print i use Plasticharge ink,… thx

  12. Suls Oner August 3, 2019

    9:30 What is that template that you use and where can I get it?

  13. Zero Zero August 3, 2019

    Great video I totally can relate to everything you touched on. It's hot as fuck where I live 100+ degrees for me during the summer also and I print mostly with WB inks and encounter all the same issues. A few things I have learned through experience and things I personally use right now to make shit happen: You NEED AC in your shop period if your going to consistently print WB inks. Get a couple 10,000 BTU wall units from Amazon and purchase the 2 year protection plans with them. Set those bitches to the lowest setting and run them hard as fuck non-stop during the hot months. They don't even use that much electricity I haven't even noticed a significant difference in the bill. I am 1.5 years deep with my unit and it's still going strong and if it craps out Amazon will send you another one. Next, I always wet my screens with a damp rag right before droping ink down. A dry ass screen will soak up moisture from your ink right from the begining and make clogging more likely. Next, I always drop at least a 1/4 to 1/2 a quart of ink down on screens with large prints like underbases. Using way more ink than you will need for the prints allows the ink to stay wetter longer and makes flooding easier during long print runs. As for the scum in the screens I have the same problem I'm going to try a microfiber cloth as another comment states. I find that using my air compressor takes forever and can blow out the stencil if your not patient with it. Hope this helps thank you for all the knowledge your channel has helped me a ton.

  14. Fred Vitolas August 3, 2019

    I have a shop vac and blow them out after I wash out screens…….. I use it specifically for that….. I never use it as a vacuum, just a blower. I was tired of the compressor turning on constantly. And making noise when my customers walk in

  15. James Dankworth August 3, 2019

    Link to other video says it is unavailable. Would love to see your workflow on the seps for this design! When will it be available?

  16. Nux Boxen August 3, 2019

    Cam: I took a cheap Harbor Freight leaf blower, ditched the long nozzle part and made a mount so that it mounts to the wall about 5' off the ground blowing horizontally away from the wall. After I'm done with a screen in the washout booth I wipe down the frame with a towell and then blow the screen with the leaf blower. The screen will be 90 percent dry within seconds, the only downside is that it's noisy.

  17. LeeAnne Pham August 3, 2019

    You make me 🤣😆😁 Cam esp when u do ur lil giggles… Lmao!!!! Instead of gagging yourself to death…. Ever thought about attaching your gopro to a band/belt thing that you wear around your head???? Like those headtorches???
    Wanting to invest in a tabletop press…. What your brand (ryonet, ranar, vastex, recommendations with press? 4 or 6 color and 1, 2 or 4 Station if I'm planning to use a flash cure unit to actually cure my tshirts at the end….

  18. Jose Luis Bermudez August 3, 2019


  19. Heavy Ink Printing August 3, 2019

    I have a water softener system that I use when reclaiming to prevent any hard water build up.

  20. Aziz Zahri August 3, 2019

    Hi Dear
    I don't know why this link of Video ( Photoshop spot color sep video @ } Doesn't working

  21. Kevin Saunders August 3, 2019

    I’ve gotten that scum too but I thought it was a kind of residue from the hardened emultion, like if it’s not hardened enough and it runs down with the water over the opening, anyway, after I wash out I just dab (not wipe) the screen down with some kitchen roll or paper towels just to take up the heavy amount of water so it doesn’t run over my stencil.

  22. Luis Guerrero August 3, 2019

    this might sound gettoo but after washing my screen image off, I put a sheet of newspapers and rub my hand on top of it and that absorbs the shit out of my screen, sometimes I take one of those Readers magazines outside the liquor store and those sheets works like magic…

  23. Red Duane Oligo August 3, 2019

    Cool studio

  24. ATOMIC IMPRINT August 3, 2019

    5 years ago we discovered these. They are the greatest wipes I've ever found. Next to baby wipes( which every shop should have) for anything the baby wipes can do, these are amazing. They will take plastisol out of a shirt. We use these for cleaning up ink off of screens, squeegees, spatulas. We've used it on clothes I think accidentally gets on them. They literally work for everything, I cannot say enough good things about them. this is actually what we use to clean out any residual emulsion or anything held up inside the stencil, We just cut a little piece off and use a pair of tweezers and we can get in a very small spot just a little rubbing on both sides, as long as you're not super abrasive it doesn't affect the stencil at all and will take that locked in emotion or residue right out of it. I'm including a picture and a link to Amazon. We used to buy these locally through Home Depot but they stop selling them last year where we live So we were forced to buy them online. We actually went right to the company and ordered them directly and with them they actually included a couple of wall mount holders to keep them in when we ordered for containers.

    I'm not one to normally push a product super hard but for the Print Fam I'm more than happy to share this awesome product!


  25. Lee Mi August 3, 2019

    Use an electric leaf blower. I burn & reclaim 100+ screens per week and never have an issue with residue because of this. It also helps to soft rinse (no pressure) the less light exposed side as the emulsion will be softer on this side .It helps to avoid pinholes and residue(which is the scum that you were talking about). Blow out with leaf blower, then set on drying rack in the darkroom. As long as uv light hasn't hit the screen after washout, the residue can still be rinsed out.

  26. Daniel Downs August 3, 2019

    make sure your emulsion isn't under exposed and or it is rinse completely… corner to corner and edge to edge. Also an air compressor with a simple air nozzle works really well to avoid the clear scum in the image area of a new screen.

  27. Preston Shuttlesworth August 3, 2019

    oil-less compressor is an option

  28. 666grinder August 3, 2019

    I dry the screens in the oven. I use same temp and airflow settings as for dark tshirts, just nocks up the speed a bit. And if it's not dry at first run I just put it in the oven again.

  29. Fidel Elvira August 3, 2019

    Your exposing time are under, what I do on all my screens I use news paper on both sides to sock the excess of water and spray some air

  30. Fidel Elvira August 3, 2019

    You have to add an air dryer to your compressor to clean the air coming out of your compressor

  31. Dark Nyte Studios August 3, 2019

    19:45 LOL, dude it happens to the best of us.

  32. Dark Nyte Studios August 3, 2019

    Gotta be honest Cam, I like the changes you made to your format. The little green screen work, and the voice overs make me laugh quite a bit. It's nice to see the little quirks that come up. Thanks for putting it up, really dig the design too.

  33. TORYPA August 3, 2019

    what chemical you used for removing image on the screen mesh?

  34. Jowfe Studio August 3, 2019


  35. ENZ PRINT CO. August 4, 2019

    Cam, use the dang compressor! But I highly suggest an oil and water trap. That’s what car painters use. If water or oil get to the paint gun, there will be fisheyes in the paint job…so the oil and water trap is key. Just be sure and drain the traps once in a while 🙂


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