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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Tutorial – How to make a T Shirt using heat transfer vinyl

A short tutorial on making a custom T-shirt using a Silhouette Cameo 3, Vvivid Premium+ heat transfer vinyl and HPN Black Series Heat press. Be sure to mirror the image or “reverse” it before cutting. To skip to different parts of the video by, see time stamps below.
00:00:08 Applying HTV to your cutting mat
00:00:53 Sending your design to your Cameo 3 for cutting
00:01:26 Weeding away excess vinyl to reveal your design
00:02:36 Aligning design on shirt before pressing
00:03:04 Placing your shirt/design on heat press and pressing
00:03:53 Peeling the transfer plastic
00:04:12 Admiring your creation



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