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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Printable Heat transfer Vinyl – 3G JET OPAQUE® HEAT TRANSFER PAPER

Printable Heat transfer paper -3G JET OPAQUE® HEAT TRANSFER PAPER.

In this video I show you our 3G JET OPAQUE® HEAT TRANSFER PAPER with an inkjet printer that I picked up brand new for only $32 at walmart.

Here is the Link to purchase our Heat transfer paper:https://anteupgraphicsupply.com/3g-jet-opaque-heat-transfer-paper-8-5×11-sheet-dark-fabrics/

You can also grab some Siser EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl Here: https://anteupgraphicsupply.com/siser-easyweed-htv-sheets/

Glitter heat transfer vinyl here:https://anteupgraphicsupply.com/siser-glitter-htv-sheets/

My favorite color of heat transfer vinyl at the moment is our Electric Blue HTV:

You can check out all of the Heat transfer and heat transfer vinyl that we offer at Ante Up Graphic Supply Here: https://anteupgraphicsupply.com/

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