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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Hotmark Revolution T-Shirt Vinyl

Hotmark Revolution heat transfer vinyl is considered the best t-shirt vinyl on the market. It can be applied as low as 230 degrees, applied to all fabrics, and is 3 mils thick for best stretch performance. https://estore.lawsonsp.com/products/hotmark-revolution-heat-transfer-vinyl

Hotmark Revolution vinyl for shirts is a Product of the Year winner, this vinyl can be applied as low as 230 degrees to virtually eliminate platen marks and go on all fabrics – from polyester to cotton.

Hotmark Revolution heat transfer media versatility means it adheres and can be applied to cotton, polyester, Nylon, acrylic and similar fabrics. This makes it the best vinyl for t-shirts, jerseys, spandex, athletic performance wear and more.

You can use a hot or cold peel method. This low temperature, heat applied vinyl material weeds easily and is Oeko-Tex approved.

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Heat Transfer Presses

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