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How To Create Screen Printing Artwork With Vector Clip Art, Shapes & Fonts


Here’s another educational screen printing video about creating artwork for printing tee shirts. In this video I give you a pretty thorough rundown on the practice of using vector clip art for creating tee shirt artwork. So if you do not know how to create vector art from scratch, then you’ll want to learn about vector clip art which anyone can use to create some very cool screenprinting tee shirt graphics. This is a summary video and I left a lot of things out just to show you the concept of working with clip art. But check out my tips and video links below for some info that may fill in some gaps for you.

1 – If you’re doing a 1 color piece of art and you want to print straight from Illustrator or Corel Draw, make 100% CMYK black objects with everything you create. See this video for more on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onEAPXahCp4

2 – If you want to do a color composite on one layer in order to let RIP software do the separations, then make sure all the colors are true spot colors and/or spot color gradients.

3 – If you want to create a multi-color piece of art in a similar way that I was showing in this video, remember you will need to “knock-out” the artwork in such a way that only what you want prints. In this case we would have had to “knock-out” the circle in the rectangular shapes on the 3rd layer in order for them to print with a knocked out space for the circle. Follow? Don’t worry, I’ll do a follow up video and show a simple way of doing that.

4 – You can manipulate the clip art as much as you want as well. With a 1 color set up, try to change the objects to all 100% CMYK blacks. But be aware that doing so on complex pieces of clip art can be challenging. Strange things can happen due to hidden objects or the way the art was created.

I apologize for the minor audio glitches in this one. I simply could not figure out what caused those and I was unable to reshoot. It may have been the way I had to do this one. I’ll work on this for the future.

Take a few short minutes and watch this tutorial screen printing video that will teach you about screen printing T-Shirts. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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