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Color separation of monochrome image

Magic Buttons v2.2 Color separation plugin for Adobe Photoshop
What’s new?
– New Additional Colors. We replaced this unit completely. This set is suitable for color separation of composite monophonic images (such as human skin, water, car surface). As a rule, accuracy of detail is important in such images, but standard methods of color separation cannot separate such images by more than 1-2 colors. Our algorithm relies entirely on color separation from grayscale, and then colors the channels in your chosen colors.
– Middle tone button. Now all three buttons of monochrome shades form a single range. Black, Gray, Middle tone. Color separation of black and white images has become easier and better. But this button also performs a number of functions in the color separation of multi-color images.
– Ranges. In this block you can load your ranges and use them whenever you want.
– Resizable control panel. Convenient, right?




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