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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sign Adhesive Vinyl Application

A tutorial covering the step by step application process of Sign Adhesive Vinyl. In this video, we’ll apply our adhesive vinyl to a car window.

Heat Transfer Warehouse is your go-to provider of high-quality Sign and Wall Vinyl. Carrying Siser EasyPSV as well as Oracal 651 and 631, we offer a large variety of colors, finishes, and sizes!

00:03 ➡ Step 1: Cut design right reading
00:07 ➡ Step 2: Weed away excess material
00:12 ➡ Step 3: Use a transfer mask and a squeegee to transfer your design off of liner
00:21 ➡ Step 4: Clean the surface you’ll be applying to
00:30 ➡ Step 5: Remove the backing and use a squeegee to apply your design
00:40 ➡ Step 6: Remove Transfer Mask
00:46 ➡ A look at the Sign Adhesive Vinyl once application has been completed on a truck window

Sign Making Materials
Oracal 651➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/oracal-651
Oracal 631 ➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/oracal-631-wall-vinyl
Siser EasyPSV (Removable, Permanent, Glitter and Application Tape) ➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/category/siser-easypsv
Patterned Adhesive Vinyl ➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/category/sign-vinyl-patterns
Transfer Tapes/ Masks ➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/category/transfer-tapes-masks
All Sign Making Materials ➡ https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com/category/sign-making-materials

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To learn more about Sign Adhesive Vinyl or to purchase, visit https://www.heattransferwarehouse.com

Music in this video provided by https://www.bensound.com



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