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The Print Life with Cam Earven YouTube Personalities

Screen Print Shop News and Shout Outs with Cam

Buy Items on amazon through these links to help support my channel.

Cheap Scoop Coater works like a charm.

Titan 3 Small Portable 15″ servo cutter.

5 gallon Ink Pump

50W LED Flood Light for exposing screens

My New Vlogging Camera: Canon M50, Super good auto focus

My Main Vlogging Camera Lumix G7

The Plastic Envelops I use to organize my Films

Profit First Book to help get your business profitable

Stainless Steel Ink Spatula

Silicone Spatula for water-based inks, Super easy clean up.

Visit our web site for the best screen printing prices https://www.monumentlimited.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theprintlife/

Cam Earven:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camearven
Twitter: https://twitter.com/camearven

It’s awesome that you take time out of your day to watch the videos and vlogs that I upload to The Print Life. I truly appreciate the love.

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old vhs footage provided by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bqNxEx8Q4Pp-NhDz41eRg

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  1. Dark Nyte Studios April 25, 2019

    Always nice to catch the show when I can. Wait am I first? Dam! Cholo Thanos snapped the comments away!!!!

  2. Madison Smith April 25, 2019

    Love you no homo

  3. The Ink Build Up April 25, 2019

    Sup Cam. Definitely look forward to that mashup. 🤙 You're the one that literally made me get off my butt and go into actually opening my own shop.

  4. Tim McElheny April 25, 2019

    Bring in the reps. They'll have the most accurate information on the products. Even ask them questions about how their product directly compares to their competitors to get them to justify how theirs is better or worse in certain areas.

  5. Hunter Strine April 25, 2019

    I think there's a LOT less bias coming from someone actually using the product every day vs a person/sales rep working for the company. I like all of our reps 100% and they provide a shit ton of value but I think at the end of the day the tell tale will come from a daily operator/owner. Ex: I love M&R and all their stuff, so does our press operator but there are definitely quirks that would 99% of the time not be brought up with a M&R sales rep live whereas we would. I would never shit on M&R ever, we love them, but I wouldn't hold back on the little things potential viewers/buyers should be aware of and that would go for any equip manufacturer as no one has a "perfect" press. I live and believe in transparency 100% but I'm not sure how I'd feel about a sales rep of mine talking about the negatives we may deal with on a day to day basis printing t-shirts that could question our credibility, especially on a platform with their core demographic. Not sure if that makes complete sense, but I think you'll get the point. You're always, no matter what gonna catch shit for bringing on a representative. It's a free brand deal for them and the perception from the public will never be 100% positive as their product essentially has no "flaws". (I have managed large scale YouTubers dealing with brand deals so I understand your pain to a certain extent.) I do respect it though! Personally, I probably have a different perception than the general public might when it comes to this stuff. I don't think it's bad at all and at the end of the day you should do what you want to do.

  6. Shawn Deweese April 25, 2019

    what about the idea of starting a shop from nothing

  7. Craig Mac April 25, 2019

    Bring in the different reps to talk about their newest, greatest products. It's a great way to find out what is newly available that we may not otherwise hear about for a year or so. If people have questions or concerns about that company's other products, they can ask them in the chat or comments later.

  8. Slim7031 April 25, 2019

    Wassup Cam, enjoy your vids , tutorials & FB print page. Entertaining & educational, ' preciate what ya do. I'm a newbie so still learning. Please touch more on spot process & simulated spot process, I think I know but want to make sure. Thanks!

  9. Tim McElheny April 25, 2019

    Also, I'm looking forward to what you find out about the Newman Frames. They seem to have such great benefits. One being, the ability to try different mesh manufacturers and tensions. Plus, being able to retention the mesh after printing hundreds and thousands of shirts to reach the work hardened state. That gives you one less thing to worry about because you know that your screens are exactly where you need them to be. 

    I've seen people on some of the forums talk about stretching Newman's specific High Tension Mesh to 60+ newtons. The posts were from years ago, but it might be a lost trick of the trade that can make a huge difference in the quality and consistency of your prints. Like I said, I look forward to those videos and what you come across.

  10. Jimmy Zamarripa April 25, 2019

    What's up cam

  11. BC Print April 25, 2019

    With regards about whether games should be on here I personaly dont like or watch it but its your Channel to do with what you want

    I just wish you would do just one edited video a week with you an jesse in the shop I really miss that

  12. Hamer Advertising Agency April 25, 2019

    What's up cam. keep it up!

  13. Thomas Campbell April 25, 2019

    Whats up!? ……

  14. T Martin April 25, 2019

    Bring in Green Galaxy rep as a guest. (Not someone from Ryonet)

  15. Jamie Leinbach April 26, 2019

    I love the “Cam’s fam damn print fam” hashtag idea! Also dig hearing from the reps, they have endless amount of expertise and info. But I might be biased 😉 Lovin’ the gaming/print life stuff at random times too. Makes it easy to catch one every so often! Keep it up yo!

  16. Jose Luis Bermudez April 26, 2019

    print fam was here, from argentina

  17. Introna Wear April 26, 2019

    just interacting, thanks for all the insights

  18. Jon Szczepanski April 26, 2019

    I wanted to say, I like the channel but I really can't watch the gaming stuff I get motion sickness very quickly. Its crazy, so I may not watch the live feed but know I'm still a fan!!

  19. Jon Szczepanski April 26, 2019

    Dip tanks are a game changer !!!!

  20. Chad Blair April 29, 2019

    Thanks for all you do and share Cam, keep it coming!


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