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Comparing V-Smart Semi-Automatic Contour Cutter to V-Smart Plus Full-Automatic Contour Cutter

Contour cutting is slowly but surely gaining popularity and we’re going to show you exactly how it works so that you also keep up with the times. Now pay attention to this!

What Contour Cutting is:

The Contour Cutting system utilises the laser optical eye that is able to read multiple registration mark patterns on pre-printed media to obtain accurate contour cutting for the production of decals, stickers, heat transfer and packaging in the print and cut operation. V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters do not work as printers. It’s necessary that you still print your artwork by utilising a vinyl digital printer and then you have to bring the printed media to the vinyl cutter to cut.

AM.CO.ZA brings you both the V-Smart and the V-Smart Plus Contour Cutter.

Now let’s do a quick comparison test of the two!

The V-Smart Semi-Automatic Contour Cutter is:

A semi-automatic contour cutter
Cuts automatically with manual set up
Is fully automatic
Picks up registration marks on it’s own and immediately starts Contour Cutting.

The V-Smart Plus Contour Cutter is:

Cuts Faster
Saves you more time but cutting more quantity in short period of time.

There you go. Now that you have better product knowledge of the machine’s visit our website http://am.co.za or call us on 072 222 2211 to make your purchase today.




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