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Esports Jersey Design Tutorial in Photoshop CC 2018!

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In this Tutorial we will be learning to Design an Esports Jersey Design. I will be only showing how to design the jersey on a mockup and not how to print it. If you want to learn about creating print files for printing the jersey, you will have to use a print file in Illustrator.

Create Print Files for Esports Jersey Design in Illustrator CC:

Jersey Folio – 2018

Mock-up from Yellow Images:
(Front Side)

(Back Side)

To Create a Jersey Design using a Mock-up in Photoshop, you will have to get a Mock-up to do so. You can purchase one from the link mentioned above.

We will start by opening the Mock-up in Photoshop CC. Then we will import the Logo into the same document and use the Color Picker tool to pick a few colors. The Main idea is to create various shapes on layers and create clipping masks so that they are masked on certain parts of the Jersey. We will also jump into illustrator to create cool patterns using the blend tool and import these patterns into Photoshop to integrate them with the shapes that we created earlier.

Logo created by Ash Designs:

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