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How to Screen Print | Replacing the Vacuum Blanket on my Exposure Unit.

How to Screen Print | Replacing the Vacuum Blanket on my Exposure Unit.

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old vhs footage provided by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bqNxEx8Q4Pp-NhDz41eRg

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  1. The Print Life January 14, 2019

    If you wondering why I threw a tantrum. Its cause I busted my lip 🙁 poor me

  2. @2:50 I spat my coffee out 😗☕️…”holy sh#t!”…that glass dude 🖼⚡️🤘

  3. Elevation Print & Sign January 14, 2019

    Sorry you busted your lip, but that made funny ass TV

  4. Gus Sanz January 14, 2019

    Can you please provide the link to the new blanket or name of the product ?

  5. TigerSasha January 14, 2019

    what size is your exposure unit and depth from the LED panel to glass? Also, where did you get those sweet jig pieces to hold the screens?

  6. Prototype Eight January 14, 2019

    I must admit Cam-O – I laughed out loud when you gently moved that screen to the other side of the building… sorry man! Great vlog!

  7. Jason Enz January 14, 2019

    5:14 … def been there lol
    I need to replace my neoprene blanket soon too. Let me know how the thin rubber works out 🙂
    Thanks for this one!

  8. The Print Life January 14, 2019

    The most amazing part is the mesh didn't pop.

  9. Liberty Graphic Designs January 14, 2019

    YES WE ALL saw it!!! wow

  10. Liberty Graphic Designs January 14, 2019

    LOL banging the door frame LOL you would doo very good at a piñata party LOL good to see I'm not the only one throwing stuff around the shop!! that felt good!!! where did you get the blanket I also need to replace mine. thank you for the video it was very good stress relief moment for me I MEANT TAHT thank you.

  11. ATOMIC IMPRINT January 14, 2019

    We can all appreciate the minor freak out moment. Lol. But my heart sank when you lifted the lid.

    I isntantly saw the glass and the print on the bottom side of the lid and my heart sunk…the fact that glass didn't shatter makes you a very lucky man!

  12. Madison Smith January 14, 2019


  13. Glenn S January 15, 2019

    Hey dude, what type of rubber is that you used? Awesome vid btw

  14. MRRGNDTOAIRCJS January 15, 2019

    The rubber is neoprene?

  15. Antonio Aguilar January 15, 2019

    Amazingly luckily that the glass didn't shatter.

  16. litterbox January 15, 2019

    yooooo HE'S BACK FOR 2019

  17. shreechan chitrakar January 15, 2019

    i just throw tshirt hanger,, before watching this… guess i was not the only one… hahaha

  18. RisotoO January 15, 2019

    Hopefully your didn't break the glass ! I don't know if you were lucky or not in this video but it was pretty funny !
    And this video comes at the right time ! I have a big old exposure unit and I need to replace the blanket. I already bought it (it's a blanket for roof). But I also need to replace the seal all around the glass. What kind of seal should I choose ? Thanks !

  19. Snow Frog January 15, 2019

    Be sure to update us on durability.

  20. That was so funny!!

  21. dp_video_content January 15, 2019

    Nice video. But why do I nee a vacuum thingie? Why not just put a piece of foam on the top of your film with weight on that ( we use a 12 x 12 ceramic tile). If the idea is to pull the film down, how much does a vacuum do compared with actual weight? Maybe you can include my Q in your next Q&A?

  22. Visions Screen Printing January 15, 2019

    I'm using the same material on my DIY LED expo unit. I was afraid I hadn't left enough slack in mine too, but as you suspected it has stretched pretty quickly. Works great!
    Thanks for the tip on proper screen storage as well! 😉

  23. David Tacklind January 15, 2019

    When I made my DIY exposure unit I built the frame 32" x 60"so I could do sign jobs too as well as shirts . I don't have the floor space for such a large frame so I stood it up on end at a slight angle against wall and hinged the bottom. It now only takes up a couple of square feet of floor space and I can now burn three screens at once. When it came time to find a blanket I visited a swimming pool and spa contractor and they had remnants of outdoor pool lining make of rubber like tire inner tube material. They were glad to sell me a big scrap piece for practically nothing and it works great.

  24. Inkings Ink January 16, 2019


  25. Mossy Herb January 16, 2019

    Is the vacuum pump easily accessible if it would have been the problem?


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