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The Basics of Burning and Exposing A Screen Print Frame.

The Basics of Burning and Exposing A Screen Print Frame.

Hello I’m Cam welcome to the screen print training videos series today we are talking about burning screens.

The process of buring a screen is pretty straight forward.
We place the film positive on the glass.
Then lay a screen coated with emulsion over the film.
Below the glass is a uv light source, we have a 50 watt led about 3 feet away.
The uv light hardens the areas of coated mesh not covered by the black on the film positive.
After it is burned you spray the screen with water and the areas of the screen not hit with light wash away to create a detailed stencil in the mesh.

Pretty simple right? Well Theres a little more to it that that, as a printer theres abunch of small technical choices that you have to make to burn the proper screen for the job your printing.

The point of this training vid is to demonstrate the basics and dive into the details of thoses steps.

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  1. Rawrkee January 8, 2019

    Awesome vid, keep grindin 😀

  2. James Frederick January 8, 2019

    I love your videos

  3. Maulz January 8, 2019

    Hey Cam! I've been the screen burner in a local shop for a little while now, and have a few questions. I seem to still have problems washing out half-tone images on 280/305 mesh screens so any tips on that would be great. I keep finding myself with blowouts when a certain part of my half-tone image hasn't washed out. At my shop, we don't have a pre-soak tank which could help possibly, but I've also heard that lower the exposure time helps as well.

    For my fellow screen burners, I do have one good tip!!!
    When coating higher mesh's for half-tones (like 280/305 mesh), coat the emulsion past the screen, and onto the frame to seal the edge. This helps me because when I am spraying out the image sometimes water will drip down the non-squeegee side and cause parts of the image to melt faster than others.

  4. expmofo January 8, 2019

    i never knew about the outside only tip. thank you C. this is going to help me a lot

  5. MrIntricateDesign January 8, 2019

    It's like you read my mind….i woke up today to start my first print project and i am at the point where i am ready to burn screens…..i have a four color press, 156 screens and used four color separation to make my negatives. Am i on the right track? I have always been an airbrush artist, I've tried vinyl and now i am excited to get into screen printing. I don't have top notch equipment…built an exposure unit with a storage underneath that has a bathroom vent fan to remove humidity and a small space heater…also built my washout booth from a utility sink and corrugated plastic. do you have any advice to offer?

  6. juan villarreal January 8, 2019

    I had a quick question what type of power washer are you using I feel like my nozzle on my pressure washer is too long and also I feel like it has too much pressure and that's the reason why I keep blowing out my images. Thank you very much for all your videos they have been great help keep up the good work

  7. Irvin Ramirez January 8, 2019

    I would like to know which emulsion are you using for halftones

  8. Alex Wilde January 8, 2019

    Niiiice Cam – Next level production as always too. Really appreciate you doing spot and halftones. I’ve not seen a dunk tank used after exposure and wondering if it’s just water in that one? Edit: no worries, you already answered below!

  9. E.J. Smith January 8, 2019

    Hey Cam, I would have loved to see a close up of your halftone screen that you washed out. Seeing the detail would be great. Thanks

  10. Oscar's Places January 8, 2019

    The best! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I prefer "dump", not "dunk".

  12. The Print Life January 8, 2019

    Hit me with you exposure issues in the comments.

  13. Brian English January 8, 2019

    More great info Cam! Thank you looking forward to seeing more

  14. Jamie Leinbach January 8, 2019

    Bad ass! You answered several specific questions I’ve been having about my screens during washout. Thanks man!!

  15. Jose Luis Bermudez January 8, 2019

    Print fam 2019!!!

  16. McKayla Torres January 8, 2019

    Would cold water effect washing out the designs? Also does anyone have a link to expose times carts or something.

  17. Inkings Ink January 8, 2019

    Happy new Year Cam and Print Fam. Not sure if you did something different with the audio but it sounds great. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but F THAT welcome back LOL

  18. CDP Shirt Printing January 8, 2019

    Awesome! I’m excited for the next one!
    How do you calculate the best exposure time for your exposure unit? I’m pretty new & often can’t spray my image out or I just blow it our completely-_-
    I have an exposure unit with uv tube lights. I think they need to warm up or something. Things aren’t consistent :-/

  19. Kyler Kelsch January 8, 2019

    Hey Cam! I live in St. George Utah. The weather here is also very dry and hot. I have problems with my emulsion only coming out with hot water. Exposure doesn’t make much of a difference and I’ve tried different emulsions. I wanted to know if you keep your shop at a certain temperature all day if that makes a difference or there’s some other issue that I’m not aware of?

  20. Sheldon Hutchison January 8, 2019

    Hey Cam. Love your videos man.
    I have 1 question around this video, I see you are using a power washer to wash out your screens. What pressure have you set this too? When I use a power washer it seems to blast out my image. Thanks man an keep up the great work.

  21. NeverStopLearning January 8, 2019

    I use 110 mesh
    Why does my image wash out
    After exposing ? The details don't come clearly out
    What am I doing wrong?

  22. NeverStopLearning January 8, 2019

    Does the brand of emulsion make a difference or is it in the technique??

  23. Jennifer Phillips January 8, 2019

    Wait a minute… ML is right down the street from me. Ok Now I gotta stop by because I have not found another YouTuber who is as awesome when it comes to delivery of straight forward and honest helpful screen print knowledge.

  24. Russell Burns January 8, 2019

    My exposure time just now was 25 mins 30 sec

  25. Enziuh January 8, 2019

    My issue is my girl letting me spend some money on buying a screen printing press xD lol

  26. Yousuf Khan Ayobzada January 8, 2019

    Hello sir! I have learned too much from you . Thanks
    Please can you tell me about the printer for printing film , which one is good and cheapest.
    Thank you so much

  27. Marco Gonzalez January 9, 2019

    Great videos. Question, just bought my first manual press can't decide if I should get the epson p400 or p800 13" or a 17" wide? I think I've seen you use a 17" wide.

  28. Jon Szczepanski January 9, 2019

    Hey I have a issue with getting boogers in the screens after I dip my screens and washing them out also the edges of my screens are not clearing out. I don't have a pressure washer yet is that my problem???

  29. eric santos January 9, 2019

    me i know what is your exposure time and the emultion brand that you are using thnx

  30. Russell Burns January 9, 2019

    I made my 1st shirt tonight I think I'm in love

  31. Mikey Designs & Silk Screen January 9, 2019

    Awesome video as always!

  32. Maria Stevens January 9, 2019

    Thank you Cam. That has given me so much more confidence to continue. Love to Gigi, where is she?

  33. Sheikh Muhammad Adnan January 9, 2019

    very nice

  34. J Hawkins January 9, 2019

    Thanks for the videos. I’ve had my edges of the image not be sharp. I don’t know if my emulsion wasn’t thick enough or I just was using the wrong type of sprayer. Would love some advice. I’ve already realized the basic Speedball emulsion isn’t the best. 🙁 You should do a video about buying cheap screen print machines and how to recover. LOL I did that too. Smh

  35. Jim kozikis January 9, 2019

    Thanks guy. Where can I find more information on line count? I guess I don’t understand where that number comes from.

  36. Привет из России 🙂 какую плёнку лучше использовать? Плёнку какой фирмы? Принтер сруйный

  37. Jason Enz January 9, 2019

    Hey bud! Welcome back!
    You don't lose dots with the pressure washer? Is it the same pressure washer and settings you use to reclaim? Thanks 🙂

  38. Filip Ludvík January 9, 2019

    Hi Cam! Thanks for another cool video and let me ask you. Have you tried several UV lights or you just bought that one 50W in the link and it´s working fine? How thick is your exposing glass if you can measure, thanks a lot and keep rockin!

  39. Batt Rivera January 9, 2019

    Is there a distance equation that lets you know how long to expose? distance from light = how much time to expose? I had to make an exposure unit, and the only reason I haven't burned one yet is because im slightly unsure of the exposure time.

  40. Mike Jones January 10, 2019

    so cam you never mentioned about how many coats you put on those screens just wondering with half tones do you coat the screen 1-1 ?


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