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The Print Life with Cam Earven YouTube Personalities

Happy Screen Printing New Year Print Fam! Screen Printing Shop Update

Happy Screen Printing New Year Print Fam! Screen Printing Shop Update

Buy Items on amazon through these links to help support my channel.

Cheap Scoop Coater works like a charm.

Titan 3 Small Portable 15″ servo cutter.

5 gallon Ink Pump

50W LED Flood Light for exposing screens

My New Vlogging Camera: Canon M50, Super good auto focus

My Main Vlogging Camera Lumix G7

The Plastic Envelops I use to organize my Films

Profit First Book to help get your business profitable

Stainless Steel Ink Spatula

Silicone Spatula for water-based inks, Super easy clean up.

Visit our web site for the best screen printing prices https://www.monumentlimited.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theprintlife/

Cam Earven:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camearven
Twitter: https://twitter.com/camearven

It’s awesome that you take time out of your day to watch the videos and vlogs that I upload to The Print Life. I truly appreciate the love.

Please subscribe, like, and turn on notifications so that you are notified when I upload. in return I will keep uploading.

old vhs footage provided by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bqNxEx8Q4Pp-NhDz41eRg

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  1. Russell Burns December 31, 2018

    I was 1st

  2. Prototype Eight December 31, 2018

    i was a close 2nd

  3. Brad Saul December 31, 2018

    Happy new year Cam …

  4. Cesar Bravo De Rueda December 31, 2018

    Happy new year ….

  5. Love2Live Printing December 31, 2018

    Happy new year Cam. Keep up the good work and look forward to your program comes out 🤙.

  6. The Print Life December 31, 2018

    I like how I slid into a weird southern draw sitting at the desk in the intro! Just crazy!

  7. Shawn Deweese December 31, 2018

    Happy new year man glad to see a video looking foreword to more

  8. Love2Live Printing December 31, 2018

    Cam, if I lived closer I would of helped you with your electrical. I am a journeyman electrician by trade and can help anyone that has electrical questions. Don’t hesitate to ask me 😄🤙.
    Chris from L2L Printing

  9. Jennifer Phillips December 31, 2018

    Happy New Year Cam. Thanks for your motivation and helpful hits this year. They have helped me tremendously. 2018 has been the worst year ever for me and my family but for my small business it was better than 2017 so here's to a great 2019.

  10. Eric Lara December 31, 2018

    Welcome back Cam! We missed ya! Keep doin your thang! #printfam

  11. Prototype Eight December 31, 2018

    I've really missed watching these vlogs… so glad to know the cost of going to a 3 phase 220v. I can't upgrade to a better flash unless i pay an electrician to do the same thing. Since I'm working from my garage and we're only renting, i'm not paying that much for an upgrade like this. Great vlog Cam-O! – Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

  12. One West Screen Print Garage December 31, 2018

    All the best in the new year Cam!

  13. Gus Sanz December 31, 2018

    Thanks for all you do for us… Yes, please a video how to wire the LED light.

  14. Gary Holt December 31, 2018

    I thought 'sparkies' were expensive in the Uk but better than blowing yourself up

  15. Alex Wilde December 31, 2018

    Great to hear the about all your progress, you’ve been a huge inspiration and teacher for me while I plan my print biz, Deep End Studio here in the Uk – hopefully will begin trading in a month!

  16. RhyBeats December 31, 2018

    WADDUP BOIIIII ! Glad to see you back

  17. sonny grey December 31, 2018

    Yeah what happened to the peace out and the throwing the camera in the air …..damn man you're slacking LOL

  18. Snake Bite Graphics December 31, 2018

    Happy New Year bro

  19. Hotbox Print Studio Chico Ca December 31, 2018

    Is the timer a simple relay timer Cam??? Been searching for one of those since Im building my own exposure unit however Im not entirely sure what to search for regarding this form of timer.

  20. Maria Stevens December 31, 2018

    Hey Cam, glad things are going good for you. Great to see you still posting. Hope 2019 continues to be brilliant for you. Hopefully 2019 will be my year too! Happy New Year to you, your family and to the Print Fam. Love to Gigi.

  21. alextheromanian December 31, 2018

    i saw you replaced the chinese auto flash with a red one. can you mention or do a followup if that thing finally died? i was still hoping to pick one up.

  22. Hellbox Art & Screen Printing December 31, 2018

    Look forward to the print life in 2019 ✌️ Upgrade to LED UV exposure unit was my highlight of 2018, thanks to Cam and the print fam, happy new year💡⚡️🤘

  23. manju leo December 31, 2018

    happie new year bro…. 🙂

  24. Brett Simms December 31, 2018

    Happy new year man

  25. Brett Simms December 31, 2018

    Love to see more on how you priced out for more profits

  26. z punk December 31, 2018

    Happy New Year Cam and Print Fam! Have a good one, stay safe, and see you on the other side!

  27. Jose Luis Bermudez December 31, 2018

    Glad 2 see you fine. Great shirt!!! Happy new year!!! from Argentina to the Print Life

  28. Liberty Graphic Designs December 31, 2018

    good to see you back Cam!!!

  29. Jamie Leinbach December 31, 2018

    Looks like impressive new equipment!! I’m drooling over here. Happy New Year Cam!! Now I’m saying that with a southern drawl in my head, thanks a lot! Haha!

  30. Astro December 31, 2018

    Happy new year bro!!!!

  31. Batt Rivera December 31, 2018

    Thank you sir for the end of the year update! Do you have plans to attend ISS this year?

  32. jesse padron December 31, 2018

    Love your videos bro u have inspired me to go bigger! What is your thoughts on the Goccopro Xpresscreen?

  33. keep em going!

  34. Print It To Win It December 31, 2018

    couldn't help but grow the beard back huh? nicely done sir. Happy new year!!!


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