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Creating Screenprinting Art: Adobe Illustrator Distressed Or Textured Effect

There are many ways to create a weathered, distressed or textured effect in your graphic vector art for screenprinting tee shirts. Some are more complex than others but this is probably the easiest way to do it when you’re working with vector art. You can try to create a transparency mask in Photoshop and use it there or import it into Adobe Illustrator. But the simplest way of all is to download or purchase a vector pack of textures or distressed effects and so on. A volume of clip art may contain many different types of patterns to use as texture overlays with vector artwork. For a 1 color piece of artwork it is very easy to copy and paste a texture object over your entire piece of art creating the distressed effect. You can even modify them, shape them and combine them to get the effect you desire. Some people will use the vector texture patterns in different ways but the simplest is to place over all the other objects in the artwork. This educational video shows you how to do it. Make sure to share your texture tricks in the comments for this video. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

There is an EPS file and an Adobe file for PC and MAC. The comments are actually closed, sorry 😉 But this is a cool resource for you to use.

Free texture distressed vector pack:

Free Vector Texture Pack for Adobe Illustrator

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